Monday, 4 January 2016


Firstly, let me just say like everyone else, where the hell has 2015 gone? I can't say I'm devastated to see the back of it though. Quite frankly it has been the most challenging, life changing and weirdest year I've experienced.

But it wasn't all bad. Along the way I have made some amazing memories and I can't deny that I have some incredible people surrounding me.

I welcomed in the year with my best friends, such a wonderful group of people at a small gathering. At that point everything was just dandy. I had just started my first proper job and was beginning to settle in. My first full pay cheque was also a huge bonus.

Time passed and I was in a pretty low place. I had been having issues with my Dad and his side of the family. It's been a lifelong feud and enough was enough. I had my breaking point. One night I received a text from him stating that he never wanted to speak to me again and with that I decided to change my name and cut all contact. Whilst at the time I didn't really realise how big of a deal it was until someone pointed it out to me.

 Having the year to reflect on it, I have after all lost half of my family. My little sister, who is the sole reason I put up with him for so long, I will most likely never see her again and I hope she never has to go through what I have.

The silver lining of the whole situation though was realising just how incredible the rest of my family is. I certainly wouldn't have got through it all without them. My Grandad let me take his surname and I am so proud to be Hannah Storey, so cringey I know, but I finally sort of feel like I belong.

Not long after, my dog Sunny of 12 years unfortunately passed away. It was heartbreaking, pets become part of the family and I had grown up with him, he was always there, so loyal, loving and a best friend. But it was for the best, he was old and in a lot of pain. He was so loved and we all miss him so much.

Around June time, things started to brighten up. I got my tattoo on my back covered up and I am completely in love with it. Of course, it didn't come without pain but it was worth it. I then spent a weekend away in Leeds with my good friend Jemma. A day of splurging in the shops and a night out. It was just what I needed and we honestly had such a lovely time.

Around October time, we decided to get a puppy. Sunny could never be replaced, but the house was no longer a home without a dog around our feet. It was the small things we missed like waking up in a morning to a face that lit up just seeing you. You don't often get that in humans haha. So we got little Ted, another golden Labrador. He is such a bundle of fun, we love him very much and are enjoying watching him grow. 
My car then decided to pack up, I did only have a 2004 KA but it was my first car and I loved her a lot. So around this time I decided it was time to treat myself to something big, well bigger than a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick or a Tom Ford eyeliner anyway haha. I bought myself a Mini Cooper, I have wanted one since I was a little girl. I have never been into cars but I always said that one day, I would have one. She's a red 2008 one called Poppy. This was such a highlight for me. Sad I know haha.

I then decided to take my mum away for the day, we travelled over to Newcastle and spent the day Christmas shopping. It was so much fun. After living in Newcastle for a year I grew so fond of the city and still love spending time there. We saw the Fenwicks Christmas window, which I am such a sucker for. It was just a lovely day spending quality time together.

Then along came Christmas, it was the first year I have not been completely mad over it mainly because it was the first year without my Dad and my little sister but also unfortunately I'm growing up haha. However, spending time with my family was of course lovely and it was nice to spoil them.

So, leaving 2015 behind and moving forward. I hope for a better year and to find happiness in whatever way it comes.

I wish you all the best in 2016, and I'll try not to leave it so long next time.

Until next time.