Monday, 12 January 2015

B E A U T Y | Nars Virtual Domination Palette.

(Clockwise from top left, Miss Liberty, Deep Throat, Laguna, Final Cut, Sex Fantasy)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the ever anticipated annual Christmas Nars cheek palette this year. To be perfectly honest, I was pretty dubious about actually buying this, I have had quite a bad first experience with Nars when I got the Orgasm blush last year. However, all that in the past now, I am oh so pleased I took the plunge. This little box is what dreams are made of. 

When you first open the box you are greeted with the hard white shell with a patterned overlay. There really is something about white packaging isn't there, it's just so timeless. The packaging is pretty sturdy the amount of times this has toppled over and I've been terrified to open the lid. It's also so much easier to keep clean in comparison to the normal Nars packaging which always seems to get covered in grubby, powdery fingerprints. If you're anything like me this is a huge selling point haha. I like to keep all my make up pretty pristine. Yes the nail mark in the bottom left blush does break my heart. 

I have to say when I ordered this, I was expecting the size of each pan to be quite small, especially for the price when you think an individual blush is £22.50. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were only a tiny bit smaller than the individuals. I also prefer the fact that they have cut out an extra blush and doubled the size of the bronzer as I was desperately wanting to try the Laguna bronzer. 

Since trying the palette properly on a pretty much daily basis, I have surprisingly found that Sex Fantasy is my absolute favourite blush, no, not just in this palette I mean EVER. I would never have normally gone for a Barbie pink/purple blush, but somehow I just absolutely adore it. The Laguna bronzer also lived up to my expectations, its stunning, it's almost matte but still has a slight twinge of shimmer, which I have to admit I am actually enjoying. The Miss Liberty highlight is a little too glittery and I'm still trying to work with it, sort of reminds me of the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish's. It just feels like a little too much for everyday use. 

All in all I think this palette is absolutely stunning and would HIGHLY recommend.
Grab it while you can here.

Have any of you tried it, what do you think?