Saturday, 15 August 2015

B E A U T Y | Charlotte Tilbury Love Affair.

So a few weeks back now I did rather a naughty purchase on the Charlotte Tilbury website. I have been lusting over these items since way back before Christmas and I just couldn't justify spending that much money on make up for myself.

Anyway, it came to the point where I decided it was time to bite the bullet I was seeing all the bloggers and YouTubers raving about all of her products and me being me, I wanted in.

When the package arrived, I can't even explain how beautifully wrapped it was. For days I would come home from work and just look at it. Even after using the products I would put them back in their individual boxes and wrap it back up in the tissue just so it looked all new. Someone please tell me they do this, I'm not crazy right?

Firstly, I bought the Lipliner in Pillow Talk, which I had heard such amazing things about. Everyone was saying it is the perfect 'your lips but better' colour. Now I can confirm for myself this is true. It is such a beautiful pink toned nude colour and it applies like butter. Honestly this is by far the best lip liner I have EVER used, and I do love me my MAC lip liners. I think it is just the combination of the colour and the formulation. It matches the majority of my nude lipsticks, which is slightly worrying that most of my nudes are similar colours haha. It also just allows you to accentuate your lips without making them look like you've drawn them on ten times bigger. 

Next, I got a 'Rock N Kohl' liquid eye pencil in Eye Cheat. I have been looking for the perfect nude kohl pencil for my water line for a long time, and none of them were quite right and I couldn't find any that I thought would have the lasting power. Then I saw this, with the formulation being more of a liquid consistency it is very thick and creamy and it just seems to stay put. It has a lovely pigmentation without being too overpowering. I really didn't want anything too shimmery, this just ticks all the boxes for what I wanted. The only down side is it is a tad pricey retailing at £19 for what is basically a pencil haha!

 The main thing I wanted to try out was this little bit of heaven. The Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette. This really is something else. I have been putting off contouring products for such a long time, purely because the concept kind of terrified me due to me being VERY pale. But this, this is perfect! I would honestly recommend this to everyone and anyone. The colours match fair skin so well and give you that shadow without it looking like you have lines all across your face and the highlight is stunning! It's beautifully subtle, it stands out without making you look like a disco ball.

I think a lot of this is helped with the brush. When I was placing the order I was umming and aahing about buying the brush to match and in the end I decided that while I was in my splurge stage, why the hell not?! This was one of my better life decisions haha! The brush is so soft and so well tapered that it just makes contouring so much easier. I also love that it isn't dense so it doesn't pack on too much product. It distributes the product evenly and blends out so well. The handle of the brush is like an octagonal shape as well so it doesn't roll all over my dressing table, always handy right! haha

Now this was my unnecessary purchase. I already have FAR too many eye shadow palette's but I was so intrigued by this, it just seemed so pretty and different to anything else I have. It also got me excited for Autumn, and basically I just wanted it. However, this definitely isn't one of my favourite products. Whilst yes, it is very pretty and the packaging is stunning. I just think that for the price the quality and pigmentation isn't anything to rave about. Considering this quad is the same price as the Naked palette's with 12 shadows in, the product itself isn't actually as good quality in my opinion. It definitely isn't as good as I had hoped. I mean don't get me wrong it is lovely and very pretty I just think it could be a lot better. Maybe I just need to work with it more. I'll update you on this.

And finally, for my absolute favourite products, maybe ever. These little bullet's of heaven. The lipsticks. Now I only ordered two online and I got one from the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Harvey Nichols in Leeds. I firstly got Bond Girl (Left) which is one of her matte revolution collection, which is the least drying matte I have ever tried. I love this. It isn't like anything I already own which is perfect! I like to think of it as a muted 'rusty' red. It looks so good with a plain winged liner or a bit of a smoky eye. Next is, Bitch Perfect (Middle) this is honestly my PERFECT NUDE, I have officially found it. This is my most favourite lipstick I own. I wear it constantly and always get complimented on it. This is one of her normal collection lipsticks and it is nourishing without being too shiny. It matches the Pillow Talk lip liner perfectly. Please just try this. And finally is my Hepburn Honey (Right) lipstick which always makes me think of Kylie Jenner's lips. I love this a lot, especially with a heavy smoky eye. It is just a classic brown toned nude. I love this a lot. I always pair it with MAC's liner in Spice. The lasting power of all these lipsticks is incredible. I have now found my newest obsession. I want them ALL.

Have any of you tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury?

Are you as in love as I am?

Much love, as always,
Hannah x

Monday, 20 July 2015

L I F E S T Y L E | Little Update.

I'm still alive. It has been so long since I last posted on here, I had lost interest in pretty much everything over the last couple of months. But I'm back and feeling myself again.

A LOT has changed since I was last around so thought I would just fill you in.

So firstly, obviously my name. I have legally changed my name through deed poll. I have officially cut all ties from my dad. It has been a long time coming and it really was for the best. I have taken my Grandad's name (my mums maiden name). Couldn't be prouder to call myself a Storey. It does have a ring to it doesn't it 'Hannah Storey'. This definitely wasn't something I took lightly, and of course it has been a very upsetting time, losing full contact with so much of my family but it is also the beginning of my future. To anyone who has been thinking about doing this I highly recommend it, I was terrified but I feel so relieved. I can finally start living again.

I have also managed to pay off my uni debts! I feel so relieved. I had been paying for my uni rent that I had signed up for before I decided to leave. I made it through a year I never thought I would. Now I can finally start to look forward which is so exciting.

Sadly, my beloved pooch passed away. He was a strong age of thirteen, it was a horrible decision to have him put down, but it really was for the best. He couldn't cope any longer. Not that it made it any easier for us. We all still miss him a lot. It's the little things you miss like coming through the door knowing you always have someone who is happy to see you. Not having him to say goodnight to before you go to bed. Dropping food on the floor and not having a living hoover under your feet. I'm sure one day we will get another dog but for now while the whole family works full time it wouldn't be fair, and we could never replace him. He really was one of a kind.

I turned twenty! I can't believe I'm not a teenager any more. No longer care free. I do actually have to start growing up. Always a scary thought. I did have a lovely Birthday though. Was a quiet one spent with my family and friends. Of course it did end with a night out where I definitely think I drank one to many.

As always, thank you for reading, I will speak soon 
(no promises though, I know how rubbish I am)

Hannah x

Sunday, 22 February 2015

F A S H I O N | March Wishlist.

Yet another Sunday is flying past and all I have done again, is rummage around online gazing at all the things I want. 

I have vowed this coming month I will not waste all of my wages within the first week, and I will spend it on useful things like updating my wardrobe. So here are the things I am planning on buying in March. 

What are all of you lusting over at the minute? 


Monday, 12 January 2015

B E A U T Y | Nars Virtual Domination Palette.

(Clockwise from top left, Miss Liberty, Deep Throat, Laguna, Final Cut, Sex Fantasy)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the ever anticipated annual Christmas Nars cheek palette this year. To be perfectly honest, I was pretty dubious about actually buying this, I have had quite a bad first experience with Nars when I got the Orgasm blush last year. However, all that in the past now, I am oh so pleased I took the plunge. This little box is what dreams are made of. 

When you first open the box you are greeted with the hard white shell with a patterned overlay. There really is something about white packaging isn't there, it's just so timeless. The packaging is pretty sturdy the amount of times this has toppled over and I've been terrified to open the lid. It's also so much easier to keep clean in comparison to the normal Nars packaging which always seems to get covered in grubby, powdery fingerprints. If you're anything like me this is a huge selling point haha. I like to keep all my make up pretty pristine. Yes the nail mark in the bottom left blush does break my heart. 

I have to say when I ordered this, I was expecting the size of each pan to be quite small, especially for the price when you think an individual blush is £22.50. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were only a tiny bit smaller than the individuals. I also prefer the fact that they have cut out an extra blush and doubled the size of the bronzer as I was desperately wanting to try the Laguna bronzer. 

Since trying the palette properly on a pretty much daily basis, I have surprisingly found that Sex Fantasy is my absolute favourite blush, no, not just in this palette I mean EVER. I would never have normally gone for a Barbie pink/purple blush, but somehow I just absolutely adore it. The Laguna bronzer also lived up to my expectations, its stunning, it's almost matte but still has a slight twinge of shimmer, which I have to admit I am actually enjoying. The Miss Liberty highlight is a little too glittery and I'm still trying to work with it, sort of reminds me of the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish's. It just feels like a little too much for everyday use. 

All in all I think this palette is absolutely stunning and would HIGHLY recommend.
Grab it while you can here.

Have any of you tried it, what do you think?